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It’s #Lab14 – a message for @Ed_Miliband

Whatever side you took in the referendum, the debate that’s followed is a real opportunity to put the republican case.

Democratic revolution now needed, no sacred cows, no no-go areas for citizens

Campaign group Republic has called for nothing short of a 'democratic revolution' in Britain following Scot

Queen's referendum role should face Commons inquiry: Republic

Campaign group Republic has called for a parliamentary inquiry into t


4 November 2014

In the wake of the Scottish referendum, Professor Stephen Haseler argues for a federal constitutional settlement.

8 November 2014

This is an opportunity to be out in the London streets letting people know
that Republic is an active organisation dedicated to the abolishment of
the British Monarchy, and that they are free to join and anticipate in.

8 November 2014

Join us for a walk around places linked with Tom Paine in Lewes!

Monarchy Myth Buster

It's good for tourism

This claim is untrue and irrelevant. Even VisitBritain, our national tourist agency, can't find...

It has no power – it's just for decoration

The Queen certainly does have power, including the power to sign international treaties and depl...

It unites the country

You only have to look around to realise that Britain is no more unified than many republics – in...

It doesn't cost much – it's great value for money

Our opposition to the monarchy isn't about money, it's about principles. If the monarchy cost no...

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