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Take Duchy from Prince Charles, conference to be told

Royal expenses and a call to take the Duchy of Cornwall away from Prince Charles will be among the issues discussed at the Republic annual conference this year.

For the first time the annual conference is being held in Bristol.

Queen needs to stop interfering say campaigners

Campaigners have called on the Queen to end her deliberate and underhand interventions in politics.

The call comes after the Queen's controversial speech on European unity, made in Germany this week.

Queen should hand Buckingham palace back to the nation

Campaigners have called on the Queen to permanently vacate Buckingham palace after reports that the royals may move out temporarily to allow for repairs.

Monarchy costs taxpayer £334m a year, 8 times official figure: new report

A new report out this week has estimated the total annual cost of the monarchy at £333.9m, eight times the official figure.

MPs must confront Charles over political meddling says Republic

Campaign group Republic has called on MPs to confront Prince Charles over his political interfering, following the release of a second batch of his letters.

Charles has to stop lobbying and law has to change

Prince Charles is clearly lobbying to change government policy on a range of issues, campaign group Republic has said today.

While some people attempt the play down the content of the letters released today Republic has said they are clear evidence that Charles is not impartial.

Charles letters: law must change and allow full disclosure

As Prince Charles's letters are set to be released campaigners have repeated calls for the law to be changed - to allow for full disclosure of royal lobbying.

Election could plunge monarchy into crisis warns campaign group

The monarchy could be plunged into a crisis by a stalemate election result, according to campaigners - raising serious doubts about the future role of the head of state.Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic has said that in the case of prolonged stalemate between Labour and the Conservatives the

Media need to 'get a grip' over royal baby

Campaign group Republic has urged the media to keep a sense of perspective over the imminent arrival of a new royal baby.

With the majority of people not interested in the news and an election just days away Republic has urged broadcasters to keep their heads.

The Lazy Prince: William does 46 days work in gap year

Prince William did just 46.7 days of work during his first year since leaving the RAF, according to new research.


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