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Royal baby reminder that British democracy has limits, no-go areas for voters

The announcement of the new royal baby is a clear reminder that in Britain we're not all born equal - that British democracy has it's limits, according to campaign group Republic.

The group's chief executive Graham Smith said today:

Royal politics must be exposed and held to account: Republic

Campaign group Republic has today called on the government to stop Prince Charles and other royals from influencing policy behind closed doors.

Palace spin on royal finances needs to stop: Republic

Campaign group Republic has called on Buckingham palace to break with tradition and stop their dishonest spin around the royal finances.

Cost of monarchy report published: £300m lost to taxpayer last year

Campaign group Republic has published its fully revised report on royal finances, "Worth Every Penny?", detailing the hidden costs that include Duchy income, costs met by local councils and the sovereign support grant.

Independent Scotland must be given chance to choose head of state: Republic

The draft Scottish constitution needs to offer Scotland the chance to choose their head of state according to campaign group Republic.

Yes or No: Republican conference set for Edinburgh, July 12

Yes or No, the Monarchy Must GO!  That's the simple message from the annual conference of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, set to be held in Edinburgh on July 12.

Spanish succession must be democratic: Republic

Anti-monarchy group Republic has called on Spain to allow a democratic decision on their next head of state.  The call follows the news that King Juan Carlos is to abdicate.

If Charles wants a voice the people must have a vote

Prince Charles has to keep his opinions to himself if he wants to remain in line to the throne, Republic has said.

Republic backs call for separation of church and state

Republic has backed Nick Clegg's view that the Church of England should be separated from the state, with the Queen being removed as head of the church.

"Monarchy-free Europe" is aim of alliance meeting in Oslo next week

The Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM) is holding its annual convention in Oslo next week, from 4-6 April.


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